About Daqopa

Daqopa Brands was formed in 2008 under the guidance of long-time fine wine and beer marketing professional Keith Johnsen.  With a diverse beverage alcohol career that first began in restaurant management and dates back over 30 years, Johnsen’s dossier includes successful brand development associations with dozens of domestic and imported wineries and breweries, and personal relationships with quality artisanal producers worldwide.

Given an increasingly competitive marketplace where stores, restaurants, and consumers are loaded with choices – certainly at times overwhelmed – Daqopa’s mission is to present brands that can stand on their own despite the changing tides of prices, preferences, and promises.  We have started small, and will grow as we are asked to when our customers love what we represent and want more.

In concert with our producers, we take great pride in sharing wines and beers of place, quality, and value; it’s a three-legged stool that serves no purpose if any one of the key supports is missing.  But then, there is also something especially rewarding when we find precisely that right mix of history, geography, and unique and indigenous resources, combined with passionate craftsmanship at fair prices that allow for frequent enjoyment.

We invite you to join us in the endeavor, and always welcome your feedback and ideas!