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Barrel-Aged Red Ale
ABV 9%
Deep amber with ruby highlights against the light. Big beige head fades to solid covering and collar. (Enjoyed in a snifter which turned out to be more appropriate a form of glassware than I could have imagined). Deep rich caramel notes, blanketed by an aromatic tingle from the hops. Notes of pears, over ripened apples, and the faintest possible impression of peat. Sweet molasses, maple syrup & floral notes mingle with wafts of alcohol and dark-skinned fruit, with minor notes of oak and ghost-like note of vanilla. There is a hefty amount of sweetness implied by the nose, but remarkably, the flavor profile only dabbles in it. Look for notes of fresh grains, and fairly prominent notes of barrel-aged, single malt scotch with scents of orange and notes of candied orange peel comingling in the mix. Remarkably, some notes of Añejo tequila also come through after the beer has had a few moments to warm and breathe, similar to the flavors you might find in an old-world Scottish Wee Heavy ale, but with a heftier hop profile providing a leafy hop edge. Finishes a bit boozy in the mouth, and warm in the belly.

A powerful, complex sipping beer, and another great example of what seems to be a distinctly Argentinean approach to bigger beers, as they seem to possess a sort of crossover effect where the flavors begin to approximate flavors of other alcoholic libations, like wine, and in the case of this beer, liquors like scotch and fine tequila. You could pair this with grilled, smoky lamb or goat in the Argentine tradition, from the asado (grill), served with Chimichurri, a sauce of herbs, garlic and vinegar, or even schnitzel-steak, but really, this beer is sturdy enough to be enjoyed as a digestif to sip at the end of any meal, or as a nightcap to be enjoyed in the winter months (go ahead and age a bottle at 50-55oF (cellar temperatures) until winter rolls around—while not bottle-conditioned (where some yeast is left in the bottle to permit conditioning in the bottle) this beer will hold up just fine for 6-12 months.)