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Estate Grown Carma Carménère

carma2010-400While many consumers and wine merchants are only now becoming more familiar with the wide array of wonderful wines that are being produced in Chile, here is an interesting fact: with over 450 years of continuous wine production, Chile is the oldest of the wine regions in the New World.  The strikingly beautiful land with the perfect temperatures and dry conditions similar to the Mediterranean was an ideal viticultural environment for the earliest Spanish conquistador settlers.

Unusually long (2,700 miles) and narrow (only an average of 110 miles in width!), Chile's climate features long, dry summers and cold, rainy winters that replenish water supplies from the Andean peaks and a multitude of lakes and rivers.  Protected to the east by the Andes, and from the Pacific to the west by the Coastal range, the country's natural conditions are well-suited to all types of ecologically-friendly viticulture, and rain-free growing seasons mean healthy vines with little or no chemical intervention.  Green viniviticultre is standard practice in Chile. 

Carma is imported with the mission of bringing Chile's best versions of its signature wines at outstanding values to the U.S. wine lover.  The Carmenere is a remarkable wine for the price, a deep and complex representation of what Chile's flagship red can be when managed skillfully in both the vineyard and the winery; for those who appreciate the intriguing signature reds of other wine regions (such as Malbec from Argentina, Tempranillo from Spain, Zinfandel from California), this is a truly flavorful experience.

We invite you to enjoy Carma Carménère, and offer a sincere Salud!

Carma Carménère